Mini Analog repeater RT97 programming

Portable analog repeater RT97 default has 16 channels.But for some customers, they may need frequency more than these 16 channels. After your customization or you choose stock frequency of RT97, if it’s possible still to do repeater RT97 programming?

The answer is yes!

You just need repeater RT97 programming in software is ok. Steps as below:

1.please download RT97 software from Retevis official website freely:

2.First USB universal driver, then RT97 software.
3.Choose the communication port read from radio. You will get default setting of RT97.(below is  a customized frequency)

Above settings is default setting of one Customized RT97.

RT97 stock default setting is.

UHF: RX: 453.31250Mhz TX: 463.31250Mhz
VHF: RX: 152.61250Mhz TX:162.61250Mhz

5.In RT97 software, the RX frequency and TX frequency. Both can adjust within +/-1Mhz. (the best effect is adjust 1Mhz)
But please remember, receive should adjust with transmit in same direction. To make sure TX and RX still have previous offset.

Such as adjust channel 1 to:

RX: 406.41250Mhz TX:416.41250Mhz

This way, you will have more frequency choices to use for connecting different commubnication groups.

Finally: click write to radio. Save the frequency you saved.

After programming in RT97 to change different frequency, you need also programme in corresponding walkie talkie software to matching the repeater communication channels.

Some customers may be curious why RT97 has 16 channels, and sometimes need programme more? Please check relative blog: why RT97 analog repeater has 16 channels for your reference.

Any other questions about RT97 programming, please post your questions below or email us. Thanks!

43 thoughts on “Mini Analog repeater RT97 programming

  1. I have a RT 97 repeater which is connecting the radios properly but I get a lot of static and cant hear what anyone is saying. What must I do to improve the quality?

  2. I am having problems programming my new RT97. It works out of the box, but I want to change the CT code from default to our normal one. When I connect the programming cable the LCD display backlight comes on purple, but frequencies etc. are not displayed. Is this normal? When I try to read I get an error message saying “Abnormal reading and writing check the connections are correct or walkie-talkie power supply is turned on”

    As I said, LCD backlight on, no data displayed, not able to read or write to device.

    Thanks, Garry

    1. Hi again, need to re-program my RT97 again for a new frequency and using the same laptop as before I have the same problem as mentioned above. I remember that I did solve the problem for myself at the time but can’t remember how I did it. I have a feeling it was USB port not capable of enough current. Do I need a high power USB port?

      1. Hi,
        for the repeater RT97, you can only program the frequency within your customized frequency.
        For example, if you customized the RT97 with TX 430 and RX 420mhz, so you can only program the Tx within 430mhz,like 430.12500mhz,430.25000mhz, and the Rx must be within 420mhz.
        If any question, please feel free to contact us!

        Best regards

    1. We tested the RT97 with the 10w handheld radio with the range of about 9km, and one of our customers said it can reach 35km.
      The range is based the antenna and the operating environment

      1. Right dear. your answer is real. even I use RT97 UHF in urban centers (JAKARTA INDONESIA) can reach a distance of 67km (still normal).
        but that antenna that I use is my own assembly. even I just installed the antenna only 15 meters from the ground. even though there are very many buildings around the antenna that are VERY HIGH blocking the antenna. but that in no way affected him. awesome right? thanks.

        1. hi, sometimes the range of the repeater is not only based on its power, but also based on the antenna, use the high gain antenna and high antenna. so if you want to use the repeater in best state, you need to make sure them.

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  3. Hi Dear Mr./Ms.Cherry. thank you for your friendly and cool response. for now I can only buy cash: RT97 UHF 2pcs and VHF 2pcs. while RT1 UHF 2pcs. so my total spend is 6pcs.

  4. Under the “Function Setup” section of the programming software, I am trying to determine the need and/use of the VOX setting and Squelch setting.

    Should the VOX feature be “On,” if yes, then what is the optimum setting?

    How about the proper squelch setting, should I place it to “1?”

    Fi9nally, what is the need and/or use for the “Embedded Message” feature on the RT97?

  5. Hai
    I just buy your retevis rt97, could you help me to change frekwensi rx and tx in my rt 97


  6. I’m having the same problem with the error message “Abnormal reading and writing check the connections are correct or walkie-talkie power supply is turned on” when trying to read from the RT97. I am using the universal USB driver under Windows 7. The radio backlight comes on but nothing on the LCD.

    I have several Prolific drivers on my PC, so it’s not clear if the right one is being chosen automatically. Can you confirm which chipset is in the USB cable?

    1. hi, if you met this problem, please check whether your computer can recognize the port.
      And make sure the cable plug into the RT97 tightly, and USB plug into the comptuter tightly. Then have a try please!

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. It does recognize it, and the correct COM port is selected. I’ve tried several ports on the same PC, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. Seems like either a driver issue or an issue with the device.

        Does the COM port speed make a difference? Seems like others have had the issue, too.

        1. Hi, first, please check your device manager, find the COM and LPT, check if there has the prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port(com?)
          if yes, choose the same com with this on the software please!

          1. Same issue, it’s the same COM port, and it’s using the Prolific driver. I think there may be a driver conflict as there are other Prolific drivers on the system and I think it picked a different one. Can you confirm which driver and version is in-use on a working machine by looking at the driver properties window?

  7. Same issue. I know I have the right port selected. I have several different Prolific driver versions, and I think it’s selecting the wrong one. Other than that, perhaps the cable or repeater is not working properly. I would need to see exactly what version is working. The universal driver is not selected by Windows when the cable is plugged in. It chooses a completely different version for another model of Prolific chip.

  8. Hi,
    Purchased a RT97 UHF and am having lot’s of problems. I have it working with my radio’s within about 1/4 mile it works fine. outside of that it’s just nothing. I purchased the Retevis MA02 antenna. Going simplex on the HT’s i can talk farther than with the repeater? Im using the stock frequencies that where programmed into the RT97. What am i doing wrong?

    1. Hi, dear,very sorry for the delay!1. Whether the RT97 is connected to the feeder, the repeater should be connected to the feeder and then MA02
      2. Is the antenna tightened when it is connected?

  9. Bought 2 of the GMRS version of the RT97 from . With programming software, it gives a high power , and a low power setting, is high 10 watts, low 5 watts ?

    The units work very well, using Comet CA-712EFC antenna at 70 ft, getting solid signal in and out at 20+ miles, and same type antenna at 25 ft in another location getting 15 miles.

  10. I am having an issue programming the RT97 repeater. The correct COM port is selected, the repeater is receiving power, the connections are correct, the driver is updated, and the RT97 program seems to be working correctly. However, when trying to read or write to the machine, I am getting the following error – ‘Abnormal reading and writing, check the connections are correct, or walkie-talkie power supply is turned on!’

  11. For the GMRS version, can I change the power from high to low using the software? Also, can narrow band be changed to wide.

    1. The short answer is yes. You can change the power level to a selection of either High or Low in the drop down menu list within the software. You can also change the wide/narrow settings within the software via a drop-down menu list.

  12. Do you have any plans on adding a help section to the RT=97 software to explain functions? In the Function Setup: What is transit function for? What is tail tone eliminator? how does keylock function work? What is Embedded message for and how does it work. I wasn’t able to find any of these answers on your website. Thanks, Jeff.

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