multi-port charging station sets

Retevis’s multi-port charging station sets

Retevis’s multi-port charging station sets

You’re using a radio charger on a daily basis, and more likely than not you have multiple retevis walkie talkies. That makes things difficult because you don’t want to spread your walkie talkies across outlets here and there. Try to check out a multi-port charging device:5-Port USB Charger or 6-Port Charging Station. so you could put all your devices in one place to charge. Besides,In order to help you save the total budget, we has released Retevis’s multi-port charging station sets, especially for RETEVIS RT21,RETEVIS RT22,RETEVIS RT24,RETEVIS H777S and RETEVIS RT27 handsets.

5-Port USB Charger

Retevis’s multi-port USB charger includes five usb ports, so you don’t ever have to worry about running out of space. Furthermore,you’re not just laying devices around while connected to a central hub. This is a charging dock, too. It means you could charge other gadgets,such as your phones, tablet pc, usb radio etc.

  • 40W 5-port USB charger.
  • Support multi device charging simultaneous (phone, tablet pc, two way radio etc).
  • 100-240V input for use across the world.
  • With auto detect function, with each port over current protection function.
  • CE, FCC, UL certification.

6-Port Charging Station

Retevis’s multi-port charging station includes six ports, so you don’t ever have to worry about running out of space. Furthermore,either you could charge six batteries or radios once. It’s widely used for large-scale groups and labor-intensive activities (such as warehouse, property management, restaurants, supermarket and enterprise.

  • Capable of charging up to six batteries or six radios simultaneously.
  • Capable of controlling the charging process to ensure high efficiency.
  • Self-switching (AC 100V-240V) power supply for international use.
  • Safe and reliable, with multiple safety protection.
  • CE, FCC, UL certification.

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