new arrival-RB21 poc radio

New arrival! The RB20 PoC will meet you

Walkie-talkies are useful and efficient for communication in business activities, outdoor activities, emergency rescue, patrol, ham festival, and other many activities. However, the coverage range is limited by Tx and Rx power and other factors. If you want a longer distance, you may need a repeater. However, the PoC radio has no limitation on coverage. You can communicate with whole American. Is it sounds cool? New arrival- The RB20 PoC will meet you

First, what is PoC radio?

PoC is Push-to-Talk Over Cellular. It means you can communicate with other people who live in the U.S in the same system by 4G/LTE network. So, the users should have an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM card. And if you will use it every day, you may need 3M/day and 100M/month for unstopping communication.

What are its features?
  • support WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS
  • USB 2.0 charger, dual card dual standby, TF card
  • 2.4-inch screen, 240*320 pixel size
  • 2800 mAh battery and 8 hours communicate time, and 23 hours standby
Why choose it?

To compare with the cell phones:

RB20 PoCcell phone
timePress PTT to talkshould wait for an answer
costlow yearly cost:higher than the yearly cost
call modeindividual/group/all callsone- to-one
communication distanceno limitedcan be used in the strong or normal signal area
safetymanage&record communicationManual recording

Generally speaking, the RB20 PoC combines the advantages of mobile phones and walkie-talkies, which not only makes up for the failure of mobile phones to send and accept in the area of poor signal but also cancels the limitation of walkie-talkie in the distance. Therefore, in large commercial activities, it can ensure more stable and efficient communication;
In outdoor activities, they can also communicate with their companions at any time without worrying about signal interruption and long-distance communication.

If you like, the new arrival- the RB20 PoC will meet you.

Do you expect?

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