RetevisRT49P waterproof floating walkie talkie 2020

As the company’s key product, RetevisRT49P  waterproof floating walkie talkie 2020 has naturally undergone a comprehensive upgrade in performance. Not only has the function of a traditional walkie-talkie (Power saving automatically/TOT function/Scan function/Squelch level/Monitor/Call tone/Keypad locked/Dual channels watch), the focus is to introduce you to the bright spots that can float and do not enter […]

RetevisRT47 Green GIVEAWAY Activity Starts

RetevisRT47 Green GIVEAWAY activity starts. Autumn is full and fresh, it is a good season for friends to travel. Bringing our RetevisRT47 is even more cool. As we all know, RETEVIS’s GIVEAWAY activity is the simplest. You don’t need to be satisfied with pulling friends and subscriptions to get a walkie-talkie. This is also the […]