How to programme RT5 manually?

How to programme RT5 manually?

RT5 beyond all doubts, is a high performance-price radio. 8W big power, with LCD display, easy to programme and write frequency by hand, dual band, dual standby. FM radio, and alarm function. Because of so good performance and economical price, RT 5R is selected by many customers.

Sometimes you are not able to get a computer or a programming cable, writing frequency manually is very convenient.

Steps to programme RT5 manually:

For example: you want to write frequency as below:

RX frequency: 146.6250

TX frequency: 146.6250



Remark: RX frequency=TX frequency, RX CTCSS=TX CTCSS is the mostly used setting way.

1. take RT 5 walkie talkie at hand, turn on the radio
2. switch to “frequeny mode” by short press the “orange” color “VFO/MR” key on the left top of the radio. you can only write frequency on ”frequency mode”
3. please keep in mind “frequency”show on LCD display is “Receive frequency”. input “146625” by hand( decimal point no need input)
4. Short press menu—short press :(#11)Key—short press menu—R-CTCS—up/down key to select RECEIVE CTCSS(choose 67.0hz)—short press menu to confirm.
5. Short press menu—short press (#13 )Key—short press menu—T-CTCS—up/down key to select TRANSMIT CTCSS(choose 67.0hz)—short press menu to confirm
6.memory channel—menu–>27–>memory channel–>choose the channel you want to store–>menu to confirm
7.VFO/MR switch to channel model—switch to the chanel which you programmed just now, you will see all setting saved in this channel successfully

For RT 5R, Retevis RT5RV, they belong to RT5 series, same as RT5. So same method to write frequency manually, anything els about RT5 programming by hand, just feel free to contact us. We are always here to support!

2 thoughts on “How to programme RT5 manually?

  1. What if the radio will not switch modes? The second instruction is to press the orange button one of my radios will not switch modes.

    1. Hi, just press the VFO/MR button you can switch your radio between frequency and channel mode. and please make sure your radio is the model RT5

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