How to use RB15/RB615 Wireless Cloning function?

Retevis RB15/RB615 Wireless Cloning function is the best feature for this Mini License-free Radio. This function will be help you to talk with other RB15/RB615 when the settings are different. You can active this function without the PC.


RB15/RB615 Wireless cloning Function

We take two radios: RB15 as the example.

Make Sure the two RB15 radios with different setting, for example, channel 5, they two radios with the same frequencies but with the different ctcss/dcs, when press the PTT, they can’t talk with each other.

Now Let’s use the Wireless function to make them talk with each other.

1, Take your first RB15: Make sure it is power off. Press the On/Off and Up Button at the same time. If it indicates by a flashing red light, it starts Cloning.

Retevis Wireless cloning on RB15/RB615

2, Take your another RB15: Make sure it is power off. Press the On/off and Down button at the same time, the radio will offer a sound. When the Wireless cloning is finished, it will show the green light and  turn off automatically.

3, Turn on your two RB15 radios, they both can talk with each other.

This function will be very convenient, it can help you to solve:

1, when your two RB15 can’t talk with each other, and you don’t have cable to program them.

2, When you go out, meet others use the same RB15, but different settings, you want to join them, you can use this function.

3, You ordered lots of RB15 for your team, but don’t want to program them one by one, then you can use this function.



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