Record your wonderful skiing by Body Camera RT77B

Record your wonderful skiing by Body Camera RT77B.

Do you still record your skiing by camera or cell phone? If yes, you can consider the body camera. It is not only the tool for police, but also can be used to record your outdoor activities like Skiing.

The features of Body Camera RT77B

1, Long battery Life powerful.

Retevis RT77B vomes with a built-in high quality rechargeable battery 4000mAh. Provide longer video recording time. It also supports charging via cable.

2, 2160P HD, suppor night vision.

2160P recording, offers you the best videos. equipped with High-Intensity infrared LEDs, also capture clear footage up to 10 Meters away in pitch-black darkness

3, 32GB Large Memory

Built in 32GB built-in storage allows for hours of footage without worrying about running out of space.

4, Mini Camera Size

Comes with the small size. and it is designed with an awesome 360 degrees rotatable bracket, which is easy to be used almost anywheres.

The functions of Body Camera RT77B

1, Recording Video and Capture function

2, Take pictures

3, Night vision and Infrared Mode

4, Resolution Setting

5, 360° Rotatable Clip and big Clip

6, Connect with the computer to Check or delete your pictures/videos.

Clip on Body Camera RT77B on your shoulder

Go skiing, please clip on This RT77B on your shoulder or anywhere, press the Record button, record your wonderful skiing please.

Record your wonderful skiing by Body Camera RT77B now.

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