Retevis children’s walkie talkie RT36 is coming!!!

Retevis always dedicate to new products developing and production, now we designed and researches a “robert” apprearance children’s walkie talkie. Its name is Retevis RT36. With frequency range FRS/PMR446, it’ll will be widely used in EU, UK and USA market.

What will you use children’s walkie talkie for?

1. Delay children’s use and dependency on phone, which can protect their vision to some extent.
As a six years old boy’s mother, I believe using childrens’ radio as a toy, can delaying their need for a mobile phone. Kids’s can communicate with parents, when they go out around the house or garden, but doesn’t need a mobile phone which refer to call charges, and play games on phone.
2.Camping:Kids enjoy using walkie talkies as part of their role play.Giving the kids some freedom around a camp site, it must be amazing and have a lot of fun.
3.Hiking and car trips: when we go to the same place with family members and have three or four cars, walkie talkies can help everyone to keep in touch and meet up again.
4.Monitor you baby’s sense of movement: if you are doing some housework, and the baby is sleeping inside room. Just open the vox function on baby’s walkie talkie, then when he/she cry, you can hear and comes to him.

So many advantages for children’s radio, you must be interested in what RT36 looks like?

So cool! Sky blue color is boy’s favourite, while cute pink is so nice for little girls!

Here’s the function introduction for RT36.

What’s the main function for RT36?

1.1 Civilian handheld license-free walkie talkie (UHF)
1.2 CTCSS 38 group/DCS 61 group
1.3 Communication distance, according to the actual situation of the surrounding mountains, trees, tall buildings, etc.
1.4.PTT call (press PTT)
1.5 Automatic scanning (press the flashlight button automatically scan)
1.6 Automatic squelch
1.7 Call tone (10 groups of call tones available)
1.8 Key tone (according to the need to adjust the opening and closing button tone)
1.9 Keyboard lock (long press the M key to lock the keyboard, lock the keys to prevent misuse)
1.10.LED flashlight
1.11.LCD screen display (8 groups backlit display)
1.12 Low battery alarm prompt
1.13 Roger Beep On/Off
1.14 Vox function (support for 1,2,3,4,5 level voice
control sensitivity selection)
1.15 Memory and restore factory settings

Wanna know more information for RT36? Please feel free to contact, we are always here to support!

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