Retevis Mini License-free Radio RB15/RB615

Mini License-free Radio Retevis RB15/RB615. RB15 is the FRS band license-free radio, and RB615 is the PMR446 version License-free radio. When you make order, please choose the right version.

Let’s check the picture first:

The specification for Retevis RB15/RB615

  • The frequency range: FRS band or PMR446 license-free band.
  • The High power: RB15 for 2w and RB615 for 0.5w
  • Antenna: All versions are fixed antennas.
  • Channel number: FRS band with 22 channels and PMR446 with 16 channels.
  • The charging port: Micro USB


The functions for Retevis RB15/RB615

  • Volume control
  • Side keys define functions( need to define in the software)
  • Power Save function.
  • Vibrate function
  • Wireless Cloning Function
  • Call Ring Selectable
  • Roger Beep(  Can setup in the software)
  • TOT( from 60s to 600s)
  • Voice Language choose( off/english/Chinese)
  • Backlight Set(Off/On/Auto)
  • VOX( Hands-free) function
  • Scan Function
  • Monitor Function
  • Alarm Function

The features of Retevis RB15/RB615:

  • The mini size license-free Radio: 119mm X 55mm X 23mm.
  • Two Sidekeys that can Define with 4 different functions by Long press or short press.
  • Vibrate Function: When turn on this, if there is signal come in, not only has a beep, but also has the vibrating Alert.
  • Wireless Cloning: If your two RB15 radios with the different setting, you can use this function to make two radios talk with each others.

What’s in the package?

  • 1 x RB15/ RB615 Walkie Talkie
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Belt Clip
  • 1 x Sling
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Charging lines


More information about this Mini License-free Radio RB15/RB615, please leave messages or contact us by email:

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  1. Hello. Can you tell me how to turn off the voice announcement on my new RB15. I like the radio, but I want to turn off the voice announcement

    Thank you

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