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Retevis RT22 Main Functions and Shortcut Operation

Retevis RT22 is FCC certified FRS radio license-free walkie talkie,it is popular for all the age and everywhere since its pocket size and multiple functions.

Retevis RT22 Main functions 

VOX function allows you have real hands free operation;

Emergency alarm function will give you another safety protection while ensuring your basic clear conversation at the same time;

Low battery alert reminds you when batteries are running low

Monitor Function can help you detect weak signals.

Squelch:You can set the squelch level via programming according to your needs.The function will make your communication more clearly.

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Strong audio ensure your communication between teams are loud and clear without any interference or static

Shortcut keys of Retevis RT22

Chinese and English switching: On 16 channels, press “+” to power on, switch Chinese or English.

Voice-activated VOX: On 7 channels, press “+” to power on, turn voice control on or off.

Key lock: In any channel, press and hold the “+” and “-” keys at the same time to lock the button (only the PTT button can be used, the channel “+” and “-” cannot be used), and the “drop” sounds and then grows. Press the “+” and “-” keys to close the key lock and prompt “drip” twice.

Features between Retevis RT22 with other radios?

What are the features between the Retevis RT22 with the other radio?

The RT22 have the light and small body,it seems a kids walkie talkie,but it have the long range and more function.

The RT22 have the connective short antenna,it can put in you pocket,no worry that the antenna will break off.

The RT22 have the li-ion battery and USB charger,don’t need to order more battery as the replacement,easy to charging at any time.they have a mini USB (not micro) port they will recharge from a car charger, battery bank, or wall charger.

The RT22 have the unique belt clip,it is the great design for you.

walkie talkie occasion-retevis Rt22-retevis
Decent battery life supports all day use

Retevis RT22 is not only the best choice for ham devotee,but also the great gift for kids and the aged.

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