Retevis RT47 Business Radio

Retevis RT47 Business Radio——Work More Efficient!

Walkie-talkies can be used in many places, Retevis RT47 helps people talk more directly and make their work more efficient! You can find walkie-talkies everywhere such as hotels, restaurants, small business and rescue movements, and so on.

Timely communication is very important in business movements, RetevisRT47 is a radio very suitable for business movement. Here are some reasons!


Retevis RT47 Business Radio
Retevis RT47 Business Radio

1:Make you more concentrated: RT47 doesn’t have a screen, as you know when radio has a screen, the user will feel curious and want to learn more about the radio, this will make them distracted when they are working, a radio with a screen will make the only listen to the orders and work more focused!

2:Lightweight and comfortable size: Retevis RT47 has a small size, you can easily hold it in one hand, also you can wear a pair of earbuds and activate the VOX, so you can put the radio in your pocket.

3: MURS/FRS/PMR: except FRS/PMR version, RT47 has the MURS version, you can have more choices!

There are only five MURS channels, but it is enough for business use. Also, it is a kind new frequency section, so you will not be bothered easily! It can be used only in the US. If you live within the United States, you can only use these 5 frequencies if you own a MURS radio.

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