Retevis RT5

Retevis RT5 walkie talkie charger problem

Sometimes when we charge the walkie-talkie, the charger will not work properly. Today we use the Retevis RT5 walkie-talkie as an example to explain the reason why the charger does not work and the solution.

First of all, we need to understand that the Retevis RT5 charger is composed of two parts: the charging base and the adapter.


When we found out that the Retevis RT5 charger is not working,

1.To determine if the RT5 charging base or adapter is damaged, if it is not damaged, you can check if they are well connected.

2.If the connection is successful, you can check if the indicator is displayed properly ,

after the charger is connected to the power supply,

or you can replace the other good adapter and charging base to determine the problem.


Retevis RT5 charger
Retevis RT5 walkie talkie charging base adapter

3.Make sure that the charging base and the charging contact piece ,on the intercom are in full contact.

Sometimes the intercom is not in the charging base, and the radio will not be charged. Try to charge only with the battery.


Retevis RT5 dual band


If it is determined to be a problem with the charger itself after testing, you can contact us for replacement. If you have other questions, about the Retevis RT5 walkie talkire  charger, feel free to contact us. We will continue to improve the product, according to your suggestions, please believe that we will strive to provide you with better products.

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