How to turn off/on transmit /receive sound on RT80 walkie talkie?

How to turn off/on the transmit and receive sound on Retevis RT80 walkie talkie?

Some of Retevis walkie talkie have the “Talk Permit Tone” and “Hang Over Tone” function.

So what is the “Talk Permit Tone” and “Hang Over Tone” function?

It is an audio cue, when pressing ptt or receiving call, your radio will have a beep sound.

We usually call it the transmit and receive sound.

Do you know how to turn on or turn off the beep sound when pressing ptt or receiving call ?

Today we will talk about it.

Firstly, you need have a program cable, c9018a is ok .
Secondly, pls download the Usb driver and software on our website:
Thirdly, Please connect your radio with your computer, and then read from radio(you can use the shortcut key ctrl+R, or click program-read from radio.)
Pls note: If your radio is RT80, you can see the software is empty, you need to read from radio.
If your radio is other model, you can see all the parameter after you open the software, if you want to Keep the previous Settings, pls don’t forget read from radio.
Finally, pls find the Basic function:
If you want to open the “Talk Permit Tone” and “Hang Over Tone”function, pls tick those function;
If you want to turn off those function,Please Launch S Voice “Talk Permit Tone” and “Hang Over Tone” as below.

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