RetevisRT47 Green GIVEAWAY Activity Starts

RetevisRT47 Green GIVEAWAY activity starts.

Autumn is full and fresh, it is a good season for friends to travel. Bringing our RetevisRT47 is even more cool.

As we all know, RETEVIS’s GIVEAWAY activity is the simplest. You don’t need to be satisfied with pulling friends and subscriptions to get a walkie-talkie. This is also the attitude of RETEVIS to sincerely deliver benefits to our customers.

RetevisRT47 Green

However, for the sake of fairness, participation in gift activities requires rules:

First: is the target customer of RetevisRT47;

Second: Friends who promised to receive the walkie-talkie, write a review for us on the official website (use feedback, which can be text, small video, or photo);

There are only three places.

I hope everyone will actively participate in RetevisRT47 Green GIVEAWAY activity.

I believe that the green RT47 will become more dazzling in the sun.

If you want to know more about RT47, you can click the link or leave a message in the comment area.

In addition, RETEVIS will host a Live Event at 19:00 on September 18th, US time. There will be many surprise offers, everyone is welcome to participate. I also look forward to everyone actively leaving messages for the live broadcast.

6 thoughts on “RetevisRT47 Green GIVEAWAY Activity Starts

  1. I would first go over the programming software if it has any. I would review the body of the radio and any features it has. I would then field test it, testing the recieve and transmitt audio. This review will be posted on my YouTube channel, and anywhere else you want to post it. Russell KD9FAL

    1. Hello, thank you for your enthusiastic participation. You have already participated in the giveaway activity of our new product RT49P. We hope you can complete the review after receiving RT49P, and then participate in another event. Also give other customers some opportunities.

  2. Retevis RT47, I look forward to a chance to obtain a radio such as the RT47. I have really enjoyed the Retevis products as well as the customer support. A great company!! Have a great day, I hope to oneday purchase the RT99 as well.

    1. welcome. Please send me your social media information (Facebook ID, Twitter ID/INS ID or other social media ID) and address information via Email. We need to verify and give you a definite answer. After communication, we will contact you via Email.

  3. Is it too late to apply? We bought a bunch of RT47s recently for a children’s summer camp (outdoor location in the woods, by a river) and we were very happy with them. We would love to try the green ones for our waterfront staff.

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