RetevisRT49B Outdoor Free Test Recruitment

In the previous blog, we introduced the features of RT49B. Emphasizes this cost-effective walkie-talkie. RetevisRT49B outdoor free test recruitment is on schedule. We are very sincere about new product gifts and testing activities. Expect our customers to experience the new walkie-talkie for free the first time.

In the past few days, through sharing and developing customers, I learned how terrifying information asymmetry is. Many customers do not understand RETEVIS. I don’t know the only video walkie-talkie RT34 on the market. There are still many communication distances and scenarios that I don’t understand. Some customers asked whether RETEVIS has a local retailer.

Therefore, I hope that more friends who want to use walkie-talkies will know RETEVIS.

I also hope that our customers can help us introduce local retailers. It is convenient for customers to purchase walkie-talkie accessories.
The main thrust of our testing activity this time is around sharing.

Conditions for participating in the RetevisRT49B free test:

1. Belong to the target customers of outdoor walkie-talkies.

2. Have shooting experience and 1500+ subscribers;
3. Share Blog.

RetevisRT49B outdoor  free test recruitment is on schedule, don’t miss it.

I hope more people will use the intercom. Use the ability to use the walkie-talkie. Can communicate freely with family and friends. Of course, you can also give us suggestions and have a chance to get a walkie-talkie for free.

In addition, RETEVIS will start a live broadcast at 9pm on September 18th, US time. Everyone is welcome to participate.

2 thoughts on “RetevisRT49B Outdoor Free Test Recruitment

  1. Saludos a todos
    Hasta el día de hoy sigo probando equipos Retevis y los resultados son fantásticos , los he probado en campo , montañas ⛰ y en emergencias ⛑ urbanas y funcionan muy bien , me gustaría probar los de banda marina que me imagino han de funcionar de igual forma. Si deseas tener el mundo 🌎 en tus manos usa Retevis y no te arrepentirás

    1. Thank you for your support to Retevis. Your evaluation is very welcome.
      Please send me your social media ID via Email and the video you helped Retevis test before.
      Also read the evaluation conditions and execute them. Thank you.

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