RetevisRT49P waterproof floating walkie talkie 2020

As the company’s key product, RetevisRT49P  waterproof floating walkie talkie 2020 has naturally undergone a comprehensive upgrade in performance. Not only has the function of a traditional walkie-talkie (Power saving automatically/TOT function/Scan function/Squelch level/Monitor/Call tone/Keypad locked/Dual channels watch), the focus is to introduce you to the bright spots that can float and do not enter water.

This outdoor waterproof walkie-talkie is first designed for outdoor crowds and is different from RT47 and RT48 business walkie-talkies. Especially prominent in appearance. The appearance of RT47 and RT48 is more serious black, and later orange and green are added. RT49P chose the upgraded green, which is both stylish and light.


For the waterproof protection of RT49P, RETEVIS designed a total of three protections. From the shell, the rubber ring to the screws, everything is simple and practical. So we must avoid the waterproof problem of these three parts.

First of all, before the battery cover, check whether there are any large particles transferred into the rubber ring, if there is, wipe it off in time.

Secondly, if the battery cover screws are not tightened, water will seep into the battery compartment and damage the motherboard. Therefore, whether the battery is installed or not, the screws must be tightened.

The waterproof function of the walkie-talkie must be properly fixed externally.

When RT49P encounters water, it will emit a white flashing light. When pressing the alarm, a red light will be displayed.

So, when we use RT49P outdoors, we will get real-time weather forecast. Don’t worry about special weather. The USB charging cable is no longer hindered by the wall charger.

RetevisRT49P waterproof floating walkie talkie 2020 is expected to arrive on September 16, welcome to inquire.

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