Ride A Motorcycle To Open The Way

People who like to feel the speed and passion on motorcycles, now is the right time to do it. Many friends of RETEVIS told us that they will have a competition in April, and we will always pay attention. People ride motorcycles and feel the thrill of speeding. Enthusiastic people, take the walkie-talkie and ride a motorcycle to open the way!

Fix the new RT77B 4K Camera on the motorcycle handlebar or helmet to record the riding moment of the motorcycle. Let me explain the advantages of RT77B again: RT77B not only has 32G memory space, 4000 mAh battery capacity, 170-degree wide-angle photography, long lens recording, and waterproof. In addition, RT77B has the functions of face recognition and infrared control. RT77B can also set a password, with high security. The compact camera is very portable. RT77B is really very outdoor recording of various activities.

Communication is also very important during motorcycle riding. RB27 is 5W power, suitable for players to use. Wearing headphones, even in a noisy outdoor environment, you can still receive information. Moreover, it allows the team members to ride without distraction. The new RB27 is the icing on the cake for cool and chic motorcycle riding.

You see, the players are watching their riding. Pay attention to your own state and road conditions, even if you adjust your strategy. The weather forecast function of RB27 provides a reference for motorcycle riding. RT77B also has a power-saving mode, which continuously records outdoor activities, and can also take pictures, which can do multiple tasks with one stone.

Tomorrow I will take the RT77B and RB27 to ride a motorcycle. Do you have any experience to share with me about outdoor riding a motorcycle?

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