RT1 & Noise-cancelling headset

RT1 and Noise-canceling Headset for Noisy Site

Some customers ask what models to buy in noisy scenarios, such as concert, construction site. Today I recommend a combination, RT1 and Noise-canceling Headset.


The reasons are as follows:

First, let’s check features of RT1:

1.High-power 10W, The  communication distance farther and strong signal.

2.High-capacity battery, Long standby time.

3.The Scrambler to ensure the communication  confidentiality.

4.Two Antenna (High gain antenna and Common  antenna),Increase your distance.


Second, let’s check features of RT1:

1.High quality noise reduction aviation  microphone headset

2.Easy to operate with three PTT

3.Finger PTT makes the application more  extensive

4.VOX switch for easy use

5.Dual volume adjustment knobs to meet  different needs

6.Dual microphone application makes  transmission of speech clearer

7.ABS shell material is more durable

8.Sponge-filled dual earpiece for a more comfortable  fit

9.Comfortable, Soft skinearmuff, clear and  penetrating speaker

10.Design of waterproof connector

11.Design of resist compression


Due to its large size  and good noise reduction performance, it is suitable for places with high  background noise, such as apply to engineer of manufacturing, technician of  processing industry, construction teams, airport staff, racing teams and so on. Besides, it is compatible with RT1, and you could directly choose such a combination for your business.

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