RT29 waterproof walkie talkie for hiking

Do you like hiking? When the weather is fine, it is nice to climb the mountain with some good friends. Talk about hiking, what should you carry? In my opinion,except for the necessary tools,such as flashlight, compass, first aid kit ect,you’d better carry waterproof walkie talkies. I recommend you use RT29 IP67. So why do you need to carry waterproof walkie talkies? Let me clear up your doubts.

RT29 is waterproof.

Everybody knows our cell phone isn’t waterproof, so if you go to a humid place, a cell phone may be damaged, and there’s more moisture in the mountains, you must take care of your mobile phone to avoid damage. However, if you come with waterproof radio,you can put away your mobile phone,no more worrying about your phone getting damp.Our RT29 is waterproof radio, so you don’t worry about its performance, even if you are in humid environment.

Walkie talkies are more practical than most cell phones.

If you walk deep in the mountains, you will know most of the mountain isn’t signal, you can’t use cell phone, then you and communicate with your friends, if you carry with walkie talkies,you can communicate with your friends in anywhere,even if there’s no signal in the deep mountain, you can use walkie talkies.

High battery capacity,more durable than cell phones.

Our many waterproof radios have high battery capacity, such as RT29, it is 3200mAh, can support long-time standby time and use,also,we have charger battery eliminator for

RT81,you can use your car power to charge your two way radio, it’s so conveniently and you don’t worry about that your battery energy any more.

Do you want to carry a walkie talkie to hiking? Here is the link of RT29: https://www.retevis.com/rt29-ip67-long-range-handheld-transceiver-vhf


If you have any consults to walkie talkies,please contact support@retevis.com freely.

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