RT49P The best Water Sports Equipment

RT49P The best Water Sports Equipment. When you are looking for the equipments for water sports, please do not forget to choose the communication gears. Two-way radios are the important equipment for your adventure in water sports. Like fishing, Kayaking and so on.

Staying in contact with others is important when you’re out fishing or other water sports. Lots of people will choose the mobile phone. However, the signal may not be reliable at many popular fishing places. So the walkie talkies will be your best choice for fishing or other water sports.

Walkie talkies are easily to operate. If you don’t know more about the radios, you can choose the license-free radios, these radios can be used out of the box, No need to program, Just press the PTT, then you can talk with your friends or partners instant.

And because you want to choose the radios for your water sports, so please remember to choose the waterproof radios.

Here please note, the waterproof and water-resistant are not the same thing. The water-resistant radio will handle some sprinkles, but won’t hold up being submerged in water. So if you want to choose the whole waterproof two-way radios, please choose the IPx7. Also there are floating two-way radios. Floating radios are helpful if they fall into the water.

Here we recommend the Retevis RT49P

Retevis RT49P is the floating and waterproof IP67 license-free radios.

This radio is the best waterproof walkie talkies for your water sports. And lots of people choose it for fishing. It has two versions: PMR446 band and FRS band. The standard package, there has two RT49P radios, 6 pcs Nimh Batteries, USB charging cable, drop-in charging base, adapter and manual.

Frank Leung, the owner of Retevis RT49P, use this radio for boating fishing.


Now this waterproof radio RT49P is on SALE.

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