RT49P-The great walkie talkie for Adult and Children

Retevis RT49P, the great walkie talkie for Adult and Children to use. But because it is the license-free band radio, with limited power and fixed antenna, so it is the best choice for short-distance communication gear for your family or team, no matter go skiing, camping, hiking, or play around your yard.

Why Families and kids like it?

1. Waterproof

Retevis RT49P is the waterproof outdoor two way radio, with the level IP67, safe to drop in water or have submerged in shallow water.
This is one of the most important features since users use RT49P outside in wet environments. With these, you don’t have to worry about the kids dropping them in water or ruining them if they play with them in wet environments.

2. Floats in water

It is very great with this feature. When you drop your radio into the water, it will not sink, but will floats in the water.

3. Rechargeable battery or replacement battery

Retevis RT49P comes with the 3 AA batteries, also it is the rechargeable batteries. Battery life is far superior when using AA batteries. When go outdoor hiking or camping, rechargeable and replacement battery are fantastic. Many radios limit the battery, but for RT49p’s battery, you can buy them everywhere.  We love the feature to use AA batteries!

4. Neon green colour

Brightly color, makes it extremely easy to find when dropped in leaves, grass, sand, etc.

5. Emergency feature on this walkie talkies

Even thought RT49P can’t send the Emergency alarm to others, but its radio will  alarm when you press the emergency button, also start flashling a red light. This is a cool safety feature.

6. Call Button Feature.

Allows you to call the other walkie talkie to emit a loud ringtone noise (similar to a phone ringing).

This is great for when one party has their walkie talkie near by but perhaps too far away to hear you speaking through the walkie talkie. Pressing the call button before speaking will help you get the attention of the other party.

7. Built in flashlight.

In case of an emergency, it can be used as a flashlight. When you go for a night hike or anything like this, and your flashlight without power or have some problem, Retevis RT49P will help you.

8. Removable belt clip

Comes with the removeable belt-clip, you can belt it on your shoulder or backpacks. Belt-clip also has an area that can tie some string or rope to the walkie-talkie.

9. NOAA weather Channels

Help you to Know the weather in advance. Keep updated with real-time weather conditions by turning on one of 11 weather channels or initiating weather alerts.

Retevis RT49P is the great outdoor radios for Adult and kids. Any questions, please feel free to leave message and contact us by email: partner@retevis.com

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