RT50 waterproof walkie talkie for skiing

Do you like extreme sports? Many people love extreme sports, such as skiing, mountain climbing, etc. Some of our customers like skiing, they carry walkie talkies to skiing, so if you, which walkie talkies do you select? I recommend RT50 for our customers, do you know why I recommend RT50? What advantages of RT50? Let us introduce to you.

  1. RT50 is IP67 waterproof radio.suitable for skiing.

When you are skiing, because of the rain and snow around, it is necessary to carry with waterproof radios, this will prevent damage to your walkie talkie.

  1. RT50 is high power and also has 2200mAh battery.

When you are skiing, sometimes you maybe far away from your companion maybe  is a few miles.so use a high power radio, you can keep in touch with your friends all the time, don’t be afraid to lose touch with friends on the way to skiing. It also has a 2200mAh battery, has long-time standby time, doesn’t worry about consuming too much electricity.

  1. RT50 has an emergency alarm function.

The emergency alarm function is an important function, when you have any dangerous, active the alarm function, put your walkie talkie flat, it will alarm, others will hear you, and rescue you. It is also very important in extreme sports. The environment is dangerous, so carry with have alarm function radios are very useful.

Besides, RT50 has VOX function, after you activate this function, don’t press PTT, you can talk with others, it is very convenient when skiing.

Now, do you have a more clear understanding of RT50? Here is the link of RT50:https://www.retevis.com/rt50-ip67-dmr-digital-dual-time-uhf-radio If you have any other questions, please contact me freely.

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