RT76P: How to change CTCSS/DCS via keyboard and how to set NOAA function?

Dear customers:

Please note that: the first batch of RT76P can’t change the CTCSS/DCS via keyboard,

so sorry, but we upgraded and optimized the software, so you need to update the programming software and fireware and then you can change the CTCSS via Menu, and use other functions.


Please note that : it does not support IOS in the firmware updates.


here is the latest driver, programming software and firmware data:

Here is the link for programming cable




Update the software: Open the programming software after connecting the computer, press 1 button first, then press write , that is OK


Update the firmware: Open the firmware to choose the correct com port, then click the “update” after connecting the programming cable with the computer

please try to do it.




As for the NOAA

Here is the information


CH1: 162.550

CH2: 162.400

CH3: 162.475

CH4: 162.425

CH5: 162.450

CH6: 162.500

CH7: 162.525

CH8: 161.650

CH9: 161.775




if you want to activate the weather channels, you can use the sidekey,

Short press to turn on the weather forecast, short press to turn off again; Long press to open scan, long press to close again;


You can also change the shortcut function of this key by programming software, please have a try


If any questions or problems during your use, please contact us in the following ways, we will try our best to help you. Thank you.

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