RT97 repeater review by Retevis customer

RT97 is a small size,10w analog repeater.  Because of its easy to carry and cost-effective, it is popular with many customers.Many of Retevis customers bought multiple times. One of our customers give us a review, it’s so nice of him!

“I use my Current RT97 to support large gatherings and events by providing medical standby. We use a UTV (off-road vehicle) and place the RT97 on the highest point of the event area with a roll-up J-pole antenna. Then the event team uses handheld radios and can cover the entire area (usually several hundred acres or a few miles) with crystal clear communications thanks to your product. I am wanting a GMRS version to utilize with family for outdoor recreation on vacations and camping.”

For the second RT97 analog repeater use.

“I currently have the unit set up in a storage shed, powered by a marine battery and a solar charge panel. The antenna is about 30 feet high. I am getting a range of between 5 to 10 miles. Due to the vegetation being heavy during this time of the year. The unit is lightweight, and power consumption is low. The unit has been powered as I have it set up for 3 weeks and is still running. I would recommend the RT97 to anyone that needs a small, highly portable and easy to use GMRS repeater!”


1, 16 Channels

2, Offset : from 5mhz~10mhz

3, Output Power: 10W

4, Weight: 2700g( with package)

5, Package Size: 310x283x170mm6, Can be programmed

Besides, RT97 also has a GMRS version, Retevis also has RT76 GMRS radio, can work with RT97 GMRS repeater. Here is the link:https://www.retevis.com/handheld-gmrs-two-way-radio-rt76/

If you have any needs, please contact partner@retevis.com directly!

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