How to set RT82 emergency alarm?

Retevis RT82 is IP67 professional water-proof, dust-proof, dual band digital radio, popular in many hams and Retevis fans. RT82 has an important function called emergency alarm. When you are using RT82 in a security team, or when you are outdoors for exploring. In case you are in emergency situation, just press the pre-set emergency button, then your partner’s radio(at corresponding communication channel), will start emergency alarm at the same time. they will come and help you soon, or call you for checking, this makes yourself safer. Do you know how to set RT82 emergency alarm function?

We need pre-set in RT8 software.

Step 1: designate the side key to be emergency function

Step 2: Set Group Call Digital Contacts

Make sure you and the communication radios must be in a group call

Step 3: Set channel information in the communication channel, like frequency, color code, repeater slot(if connect to repeater).

Key point: here the Contact Name must be “group call” contact

Take note we must choose the “Emergency System” here(let’s see step 4 for emergency system)

Step 4: Emergency System

System Name, choose the corresponding emergency system name in channel information. Please take note the revert channel here, must be a “group call” channel.

Step 5: Alarm mode

Normally we choose “Emergency Alarm w/Call” and “Emergency Alarm w/Voice To Follow”. In these two modes, you and your partner can communicate. But in Emergency Alarm, your partner can only hear the alarm, but during the alarm, you both can not talk. It’s not good choice.

Step 4: Click” Write data” to save all the setting.


Done! Then when we short press Side key 1 in the pre-setting emergency alarm radio, another radio in communication channel, will ring a emergency alarm, you can talk to discuss the emergency situation also.

Any questions on RT82 emergency alarm setting, please feel free to contact us! We are always here to support!

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