Share survival plan, win free walkie talkie

Activities: Share your SHTF plan and explain the role of radio in the plan. The content to be shared must include the following:

  1. Location
  2. Major disasters to deal with
  3. Items prepared and functions
  4. The role of radio in the plan.
  5. Have you participated in mutual aid organizations?

Note: It is easier to get prizes if there are related photos.


Share location:

  1. Share your plans in the comments on this post.
  2. Facebook post message:


Prize: A pair of RT49P walkie-talkies will be given for free.

Or other equivalent walkie-talkies.

Number of prizes: For every 20 shares, there will be 1 free quota

The more people who share, the greater the number of prizes. Everyone has only one chance.

Special prize: If the number of sharing plans exceeds 100 points.

One person will be drawn from it and an RT97 repeater will be given for free. Used to build the communication network of the Preppers mutual aid organization in the region.


Prize display:

RT49P waterproof floating walkie talkies

RETEVIS RT49P Rugged waterproof floating walkie talkies, keep you connected and protected during your extreme outdoor activities, whether on land or at sea or anywhere; Especially widely used for Fishing, Kayaks/kayaking, Boating, Paddle boarding, Camping, Hiking, Swimming, Hunting, Beach vacation, Rafting and Skiing etc.


RT97 Full Duplex Mini 10W Portable Analog Repeate

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4 thoughts on “Share survival plan, win free walkie talkie

  1. I live in Ga USA and the three things that I prepare for is flooding, tornadoes, & hurricanes. Having food water &radios are very important in case the power goes out in all three cases along with power having two way commutation help when the I go outside to do checks on the property I can relay that safety is still in check.

  2. Hi, I’m Alberto from Italy.
    We have a network of preppers/neighbourgh watch program for multiple events (power grid problems, floods, earthquakes, etc). Besides usual items like food/water/shelter we rely on a good communication infrastructure.
    We mainly use RT3 DMR radios with call groups and also analogue PMR radios so people can join easily. RT49P devices could be interesting in a case of power outage since they can be charged via usb with solar powerbank. Additional benefit is that they are lightweight and waterproof – this makes them perfect for neighborhood watch program&communication. We also plan to expand our network reach with a RT97 repeater.

  3. Good Day.
    It is a very long time since the beginning of the contest…without getting any answer from you.
    Why didn’t you announce a winner of feb 22, 2012 survival plan contest ??? Did you scam me?

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