Some Simple Problems when programming radio

Some Simple Problems when programming radio

AS Most of our customers buy walkie-talkies and they want to programming the radios by themselves. when they try to program their radios, thy will meet many kinds of problem. Today we will list a few common problem when we program radio.

1.When you connect your radio with your computer by cable, and you try to read from radio, it noted that “please check whether the USB is occupied or not connected”, like the below picture.


①Please make sure your radio is power on;

②Please check your program cable; Make sure your program radio is suitable for your radio.

Most of our radio is kenwood 2 pin deviceinterface, the program cable is C9018A, such as H777,RT-5R,RT-B6,RT-5RV,R888s Plus and so on .

A few individual ones have the customized program for them, such as for HD1, rt87,RT6 RT84 and so on, you can check on:, if still have questions, please contact us for consultation through various channels , such as online chat, email, skype, facebook, whatsapp and so on.

2. If you have already turn on your radio, but it said “the model is wrong!”


please check your software, you need to down load the correct software, including radios’s software and USB driver.

The software download page:

①Scroll Down the page, you will find there are three USB driver, if your radio is not RT3,RT8,HD1, just download the first one, if your radio is RT3 or RT8, pls download the middle, if your radio is HD1, I think it doesn’t need me to tell you;

②Please down load the software in the same page; Please note that there have the software and firmware, GPS and Non-GPS version, download the software as your radio model.

3. when you read from radio it said “Invalid port number” , please check the communication port.


①You need to check your software port and your computer port. Check your software port:

For example, RT87:

②Check your computer connection port:

My computer——device manager——port.

Make sure your sofeware communication port is the same to this port.

Then it will be ok.

If you have trouble when you program your radio, pls read this blog for reference.

If it is still unable to resolve your issue, pls feel free contact us.

14 thoughts on “Some Simple Problems when programming radio

  1. Rt-28 will not read or write to the software. I bought a 2 pack. One works fine with the software and the other (on a good com port) fails to read or write. Is there a way to do a hard reset on these radios and not through the software which does me no good. Brand new radio as of 27 June 2019.

  2. I have the rt29 vhf model and can not get the computer to see the radio or read the data from it. Just received the radio and downloaded the programming software. I use my HD1 radio on this computer with no issues!

  3. My software alwayls lost chanel list.
    I can read from radio and I can upolad to radio.
    But not save the file with chanles. Also if I use any other prefernece, chanel list is gone.

  4. I downloaded and installed software to program RT22 radios. I experienced no problems programming first two radios. One radio had a defect, so it was replaced (thank you). I now have 2 new RT22 radios and the software fails to read either of them. I’ve checked the COM port and and see no reason the PC (Win 10) is unable to communicate with radios. Even tried a reboot. Suggestions?

  5. Can Lyon help me please? I have just bought the RT3S. After downloading the software, firmware and USB driver, I followed the installation instructions step by step. The radio connects to the computer correctly and I am able to read from the radio to the computer. My problem is that I am unable to upload anything back to the radio. I cannot even enter my ID number. Installation Software says that the data has been uploaded but the data on the radio has not changed – it is still as factory setting.

    Radio: Retvis RT3S GPS
    Firmware Version: P018.016
    CP Version: V01.06

    Computer running Windows 10 Home

    What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi,
      we are so sorry for this!
      You can try this step:
      1, turn off your radio.
      2, Press the side key buttons( one above the ptt button, one below the PTT button), at the same time to turn on the radio

      Then have a try please!

  6. Hello, I have two RT22S radios which I can’t write any data, I can only read but not write.. the radio is in CHINESE and the Squelch is set to 0, so it’s impossible to use it. I need some help. Thanks!

  7. I am trying to program some RT22s. The programming software is a recent version, so the various support products do not cover it. My problem is I connected the radio to my computer but the software does not communicate to it. I get a “CANNOT CONNECT THE RADIO” error trying to read/write to the radio. The radio is on while trying to do this but the results are the same if it is off. The radio is on COM Port 3. I selected COM Port 3 through the software, but the bottom left of the software indicates COM 1 and there is no way to change it. After I select COM Port 3 in the software and I go back to check if it saved, the software still indicates COM 1 and COM 3 is still open to select. Is this a COM mismatch error and if so, how do I fix it?

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