Super affordable 4 units RetevisRT49 Radio

What RetevisRT49 and RT45 have in common is simple and easy to use. With a keyboard, it is very easy to set up channels and sounds. Moreover, RetevisRT49 is very similar to the basic version of the mobile phone, it will make people feel cordial. What’s more surprising is that there are also 4 units of RetevisRT49 radio that are super affordable.

RetevisRT49 radio is very affordable. There is a five-link charger in the package with an adapter, which makes charging very convenient. Moreover, the price of 4 units of RetevisRT49 radio is only $75.99.

RetevisRT49 radio is an exemption, walkie-talkie with a keyboard, it is very convenient for personalized settings. Through the menu settings, set the privacy code, Vox, channel and volume, etc. to make precise calls.

4 units RetevisRT49 Radio

RetevisRT49 radio is a fully functional walkie-talkie. For example, with NOAA function (ie weather forecast function), there is also a one-key alarm function. This is very useful for outdoor activities. Flashlight can assist outdoor adventure, or role playing.
Low battery alert, Keypad Tone, Call Tones, Keypad lock and Channel Scan can explore walkie-talkies, switch different tones and set different channels, which is very surprising. The keyboard setting is easier to use for the basic use of walkie-talkies.

RetevisRT49B radio and RetevisRT49 and RT49P belong to the series of outdoor walkie-talkies. The three walkie-talkies have functional upgrades, and customers can purchase them on demand.

If you have any suggestions on functional design, you can let us know through comments. We will actively adopt it.

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