Why to choose this radio RT35?

Why choose this walkie talkie RT35? Does this model have some special? Here i will Give some features about RT35   Unique shape: This model  RT35 is designed by Retevis,and we have the design patent. So no matter where you see this model,it is made by Retevis.   Best color matches: RT35 have Two colors: […]

Retevis Kids Walkie Talkie Comparison

  1,About Retevis Retevis have many models for kid walkie talkies,but how to choose the most suitable for our kids?That will be a question.Here i list all the models and to make a comparison. The compare between Retevis Children walkie talkies Model picture Channels Battery Color Age Group Power Transmission Features quantity RT31 EU(PMR446 8CH/US(462)22CH […]