How to set up RT69’s VOX function

RT69 is light and small, with orange side keys combined with black, stylish, beautiful and generous. Its battery capacity is 1200 mAh, and the frequency range includes FRS and PMR. The VOX function helps to use RT69 more convenient. VOX means that when the function is set up, you do not need to press the […]

Retevis H777 left(old H777) Right(new H777)

Attention! Retevis H777 model updates!!!

Hello, everyone. In order to give customers better user experience, we have upgraded Retevis H777. The details of the upgrade are as follows: For H777 host port: Antenna: New H777 antenna is non-removable, the old one can be detached, And they can not be shared. Battery contact: The new one is in the middle with […]

Which models to choose for beginners?

Some customers are consulting about 2 way radios, who have never used them before, here I would like to introduce some tips for this kind of buyer. Firstly, try License-free radio. Click this colum on, and you will directed to choose your country, for example, if you are from US, then all FRS license-free […]