Quick and Efficient Tool MURS Radio RB38V

Quick and Efficient Communication Tool MURS Radio RB38V. MURS radios are easy to use and don’t require a license for users to operate. All you need to do is purchase a MURS radio, it will offer your quick and efficient communication. As the license-free, low cost, and two-way communication, VHF band frequencies. Lots people love […]

Giveaway-Retevis MURS RB38V Radio

Giveaway-Retevis MURS RB38V Radio is coming. Now Retevis has many kinds of radios. FRS radios. PMR446 radios, MURS radios, GMRS radios, and others. Retevis RB38V is the handheld two-way radios, with the range MURS frequencies VHF band, the license-free handheld two-way radios. The features of Retevis RB38V Radio 1, MURS License-free 5CH Radio The Multi-Use […]

MURS Two-Way Handheld Radio Retevis RB38V

MURS Two-Way Handheld Radio Retevis RB38V, is the new MURS band walkie talkie. Retevis now has many models MURS radios, like the model RT27V, RT47V,RT21V. These radios are all the MURS band Handheld Two-Way Radios. The handheld transceiver that will receive from other MURS radios, with 5 channels, and with many group ctcss/dcs codes. Will […]


Retevis RB38V MURS Two-way radio is coming

Retevis RB38V MURS Two-way radio is coming. MURS, the Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS),With 5 MURS frequencies VHF band for business, personall or recreational use, the high power up to 2w. And no need the license. Means you can own and operate the MURS radio without license. Retevis RB38V is the MURS band radio, with 5channels VHF […]