50% Off On Amateur Radio RT3S

50% Off On Amateur Radio Retevis RT3S will come soon on 20th, March. And this discount will last for about 9 days. If you or your friend needs the amateur radio recently, please catch this chance! Buy here: https://www.retevis.com/rt3s-dual-band-uhf-vhf-dmr-digital-radio 50% OFF For Non-GPS: USD65. For GPS: USD75. Retevis RT3S is a dual band amateur radio, UHF and […]

RT3S how to set keyboard lock?

Some customers after purchase RT3S,sometimes they will say the keyboard is useless,they will find out that keyboard is no respond when  press the buttons.This maybe the keyboard islocked.When RT3S keyboard is locked,you can’t go into menu,you also can’t operate any features.Equally ,when you don’t want others operate your radio.you can lock it.So how tooperate this function […]

Amateur radio Retevis RT3s vs RT3

A new model Amateur Radio Retevis RT3S will be released soon. It has a little similar with the Model RT3, so here I will compare two models.  Retevis RT3S VS RT3 Model RT3 RT3S Picture  Mode Digital+Analog Digital+Analog  Frenquency Range Single Band UHF400-480MHz Dual Band VHF136-174MHz UHF400-480MHz Memory Channel 1000 Channels 3000 Channels power High≤5W […]