RT8 Supportive Review

I just want to tell you how happy I am with Retevis as a company, and with my Retevis radios (RT8).   I am the smallest of your customers, Medical Doctor, 60+ years, five children, living and working in Sweden.   Of course, every company can’t have personal relations with each and every customer, but […]

Retevis RT8 handheld UHF/GPS radio

If you’re a ham thinking of getting into DMR radio, check out this blog: Review the Retevis RT8 handheld UHF/GPS radio. Retevis RT8 Digital Handheld radio, as a solid performer 1, it is the single band radio, you need to choose the UHF or VHF when ordering. 2, It has the GPS version, if you […]

RT8-Retevis IP67 Two way radio

The IP rating of a radio or oter device is made up of two numbers.                                  
The first number indicates the level of protection against ingress of solid objects including dust etc.
The second number (and the most important one when choosing a walkie-talkie!) is the level of protection from water or other liquids.
The higher each number is, the better the protection against solid objects or liquids getting into the radio and damaging it.