Upload 120,000 DMR contacts on Retevis RT84

Recently, we improve RT84 the latest firmware support to upload 120,000 DMR contacts. Today let’s learn how to operate it. What do you need? Download RT84 latest software V1.03. Download RT84 latest firmware D02.01 All the recourses download from https://www.retevis.com/resources-center  How to do? Firstly, Upgrade your RT84 firmware to D02.01. Unzip the RT84 “RT84_Firmware_D02.01” file. […]

Entry-Level Ham Radio Retevis RT84

Entry-Level Ham Radio Retevis RT84 radio is on sale now! You can buy it from Retevis Official Website: https://www.retevis.com/rt84-dual-band-dmr-radio The features: 1, DCDM function: Dual Capacity Direct Mode. It is a feature which allows two slot operation on simplex. Not only does it offer two slot operation but is also currently the only product which […]