The RT77B you want to have

The RT77B you want to have. Body cameras are mainly used in scenes such as police officers, security companies, property companies and so on. In addition to these work requirements, the body camera can also be used for outdoor entertainment, such as bicycle trips, hiking, etc.. And it can also be used as a dash […]

Different GMRS walkie-talkies

This article mainly talks about several different GMRS walkie-talkies. It is convenient for you to buy a GMRS walkie-talkie and choose a suitable GMRS walkie-talkie. RT76: RT76 has 30 channels, including 22 GMRS two-way radio channels and 8 GMRS repeater channels. It has pre-programmed GMRS repeater channels. It is easy to use, no need programming […]

Do you know the RB27 GMRS walkie-talkie?

Do you know the RB27 GMRS walkie-talkie? RB27 is a GMRS walkie-talkie with NOAA. Its frequency range is GMRS: TX: 462.5500-467.7250MHz RX: 462.5500-462.7125MHz. There are 30 channels and 11 NOAA weather channels. And the battery capacity is 1500 mAh. The appearance of RB27: On the whole, the whole body has smooth lines and beautiful appearance. […]

How to set up RT69’s VOX function

RT69 is light and small, with orange side keys combined with black, stylish, beautiful and generous. Its battery capacity is 1200 mAh, and the frequency range includes FRS and PMR. The VOX function helps to use RT69 more convenient. VOX means that when the function is set up, you do not need to press the […]

New Mobile Radio

MOBILE RADIO Is Going To Have A New Member!

CONTACT RETEVIS 20,0000 Contacts, 200 Hours Recording Function, GPS(External GPS Antenna Included). Remote Emergency Alarm Function, DTMF function(DTMF, Connect to the repeater; analog individual call, Group Call, All Call, ANI, Remote kill and Stun) Private Call Group call All Call Scan Remote Kill Remote revive Repeater/talk around mode MSG Call log Voice encryption Repeater roaming […]

Retevis story for all of you!

After five years, a man trudged thousands of mountains and rivers to the gate of a holy monk’s temple, hoping to find the true meaning of happiness in life. But the holy Monk didn’t see anyone. But seeing the man was so sincere, he asked his disciples to give him three silk bags and told him: […]


How to activate the VOX function on Retevis RT69

Most Retevis radios have VOX function, Retevis RT69 is one of them. When the VOX function on the walkie-talkie is activated, you do not need to press the PTT key. Because the VOX function can directly start the transmission operation by voice, which can effectively release the user’s hands. So our communication will get more […]

Provide more frequencies for European users-RA615

Note: RA615 and RA15 are currently in the giveaway activity, so you can’t miss it. RA615 is a newly launched children’s walkie-talkie suitable for European frequencies. Now it adds 69 channels of LPD433, which not only avoids the communication efficiency due to channel congestion, but also the technology represents the industry’s leading level. Now let’s […]