The advantages of RT21 PLUS walkie talkie

Do you know  advantages of RT21 PLUS walkie talkie? Some customers will consult us some questions,for example, ”I want use radios for our school or hotel, the communicate distance is longer,and the price is relatively cheap and easy to operate,which radio do you recommend?”Generally speaking,I will recommend RT21 PLUS.So why I will recommend this radio?let me tell you the advantages of RT21 PLUS walkie talkie.

1. The battery of RT21 PLUS is 3000mAh,can support long standby time.

The battery of RT21 PLUS is 3000 mAh,however,RT21 is 1000 mAh,so it can support long standby time.Generally speaking,you can use it 36 hours,it also realize 120 hours standby time.

2.  This radio is 2.5w,the communication quantity is better,it can also realize extra long communication distance,

3.  At last,the price is reality cheap than other long distance radios,and it is easy to program,so is popular with many customer.

So what occasion can you use the RT21 PLUS?

RT21 plus radio has high capacity battery and support long standby time features,so it is widely used in a variety of occasions,such as schools,hotel,parking lot and so on,and the

performance is good,it is popular with many customers.In shorts,it can be use for all kinds of environment,so do you want 1 RT21 PLUS?Here is the link of RT21 PLUS: Could you please check it if you like?

If you have any question about RT21 PLUS,please contact freely,I will always here to help you.




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