The medical team customer sent a review for RETEVIS

Charge once a week? Which walkie-talkie? The medical team customer sent a review for RETEVIS.

Today, our customer sent a review for RETEVIS to thank this walkie-talkie for the convenience brought to their team. The original text is: “The security team fell in love with them! We even had the medical team that works the entire week for emergencies using them and they could not have been happier. Battery life was a big attraction to them. One medic used his for almost the whole week on just one charge! (He used it pretty hard too) They were very impressed by the construction of the units as well. I am very glad I got them and so is my team.”

Thank you very much for the review sent by the medical team. This also helped us to do the evaluation in this scenario. RetevisRT29 outdoor waterproof walkie-talkie battery capacity up to 3200 mAh, 10W power. Both the communication distance and battery life are the “fighters” in walkie-talkies.

RetevisRT29 gives a sense of professionalism. The appearance is solemn, and the channel is turned on and turned on through the knob. IP67 dustproof and waterproof, to ensure the call needs in outdoor bad weather.

When the medical team is outdoors, especially in mountainous areas, it is easy to encounter emergencies such as getting lost and landslides. RT29 has a one-key alarm function to quickly get in touch with the outside world. Especially the battery life is long-lasting, extending the contact time with the outside world. Guide road conditions, even if rescued. It is also helpful for medical rescue.

Hope to help every member of the medical team complete the rescue mission.

Tribute to the members of the medical team: You are helping others, and RETEVIS wants to help you.

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