How to upgrade HD1 Firmware

Ailunce HD1 is the first radio we R&D mainly for amateurs. HD1 is true-2-slot Dual Band Digital Radio,comply with MOTOTRBO Tier Ⅰ&Ⅱ. HD1 can operate many functions through radio panel, many hams are very interesting with it. and want to know how to upgrade HD1 firmware. Today, let us discuss how to upgrade HD1 firmware.

What you need to do.

1. Get one Ailunce HD1 digital radio.

2. Get one programming cable for HD1.

3. Download HD1 firmware from official website:

Here’s how to do it.

1.  Connet your HD1 with PC use programing cable.


2. Press PTT and the first side key at the same time, turn on HD1, enter the DFU mode.


3. Open the firmware software, Click button”Connect”.


4.   Click” Get Version” to get the firmware version.


5. Then update, it is going to begin update the firmware to your HD1.


6. The firmware update sucessfully after several seconds.



Once all the steps are complete, power the radio off and then back on again. Now your HD1 should be good to go!  We will continue to support any problems about HD1, You can email us for any questions about Amateur Radios. or follow our facebook page:

32 thoughts on “How to upgrade HD1 Firmware

      1. Although I am very happy with my HD1 I also noticed the audio can be quite low so looking forward to.your upgrade to make this great radio even better..

  1. Ctcss is not accessible via the keypad on my ailunce hd1 gps when I try to program an analog repeater.
    Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

  2. HD1 Firmware 1.4.4-GPS on device. I cannot enter DFU mode. Software update does not start. I tried factory reset-all, still no success. Please advise.

    1. Hi Thomas,
      Enter DFU mode, please Press PTT and the first side key at the same time, turn on HD1, the radio run into the DFU mode.
      If you have problem, you can contact us by email or facebook you can take a video about your problem, then we will know how to help you!

  3. It would be Super Awesome of you made a High Power Mobile Radio exactly the same as the HD-1 from a SAR and a Mobile Command setting with PC control

  4. Hi.

    GPS cannot work, message after pushing Local GPS is Error satellite error and next when pushing on receive GPS: error ,list empty.

  5. Hello,

    If I write the GPS firmware update to a non-GPS HD1, will it be bricked? Can I then write the non-GPS firmware to it and will it work OK?

    I ask because I have an HD1, the menu does not have GPS, but I am not sure if the hardware is with or without GPS.

    Thank you.

  6. somehow my hd1 is in kill mode
    cant get it unlocked?
    tried factory reset and get ” vco and all” but cant complete reset
    HD1 GPS 1.53
    tried the software and keep getting runtime error 400
    software keeps crashing on windows 10 which I think made this problem

    1. Don’t worry, you can reset your radio. Hold the Menu and Exit, then turn on your radio. You will see the VFO and ALL. Use the Up button to choose All, then click menu to confirm.

  7. hd 1 on my radio 1.5.3 gps After installing the firmware, the radio is on only the light on the screen is on, although the radio is on. it turns out after turning the radio on and off, but after 10 minutes there is the same problem again. but no problem in tx and rx.why ???

  8. I cannot upgrade the firmware on my hd1. The CONNECT button ‘works’, but VERSION times out. I have de- and re- installed the app. I have reset the hd1. Still can ‘t get VERSIION 0or UPDATE to work

    The UPDATE error message is ‘Please check connection’. I’ve rebotrd the PC (latest winn 10) etc.

    Please help!

    Tom AndesonTom

  9. Adquirí un hd1 , pero al trasmitir su audio no sale, solo señal de portadora, tanto en analógico como digital, probé actualizando firmware, siguiendo los pasos del tutorial pero al encender el equipo, este trata de parpadear y no da inicio, se realizo el procedimiento varios intentos y todos son fallidos, ahora mi equipo esta inservible, que puedo hacer para recuperalo?

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