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License-Free Walkie-talkies and Functional Comparison

License-Free walkie-talkies  is a hand-held, portable, two-way radio

What are the license-free walkie-talkies

One type of walkie-talkie is called a license-free radio, that is,you don’t have to hold a certificate to use them.

Difference between License-Free walkie-talkies

Retevis RT20 RT22 and RT15  are all very compact but performs well.

Retevis RT22 walkie talkies are durable and easy to operate.it also has a VOX function which can make your hand free.For RT20,it comes with a long sling which is easy for you to hang it on your neck or put it in your pocket ,it allows hands-free communication with VOX function,you needn’t using headsets.the USB changing supports that you can charge it anywhere

Retevis RT27and RT21(Only one is exempt)are all FRS ,they can compatible with each other from channel 1 to channel 5 ,they can work together directly.if you want them to talk together on the all channels,you can program them to same frequency and same CTCSS.

RT27 Rt21
Visible superior solid made quality for long life using; feeling well even drop from 5 floors; durable walkie talkies belt clips;fixed antenna and big screws last long you thought

Retevis H-777s License-Free walkie-talkies are FRS,too.H-777s  voice scrambling function which allows you to have private and secure conversations.It also help you deal with interference from overlap or interference with others on the same channels .In addition,40CTCSS/168DCS privacy codes also make your communication with encryption.

Retevis RT45 comes with a screen and keyboard which is more convenient to operate. And it has a baby monitor function, RT45 is the first choice for many young parents.

License-Free walkie-talkies
FRS radio FCC walkie talkie long range extremely allow you needn’t pay individual license to operate radio legally

Retevis RT28License-Free walkie-talkies with rechargeable batteries can support 8-10 hours of normal working use with fully charged; The battery saving function can extend battery life and the low battery warning will remind you to replace the battery in time to avoid communication interruption,it is FRS and supports USB charging.

Retevis RT27V License-Free walkie-talkies are MURS,and VHF walkie talkies meet FCC rule (Part 95) without needing separate license to use.Retevis RT27V is designed to solve the FRS and GMRS walkie-talkie signal interference problems;

In short, the license-free walkie-talkie brings convenience to our lives and travel.

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