What Can Ham Do with Their Radios?

The two-way radio has over 100 years of history, and it is also the earliest communication method in the world. However, with the telephone and web development, the two-way radio is becoming history. But. Nowadays, a group of people called hams are developed rapidly. for others, they will be confused about what can ham do with their radios?

The main goal is to connect. there are 6 methods for hams:6 methods communication of ham radio

Local communication:

They can use handheld radio or mobile radio to connect with ham radio. Local can be your community and city. And they will choose UHF or VHF band, and the distance can reach 50 miles. If you have a repeater, the distance will longer.

Remote communication:

They can connect with global hams, so remote communication will more interesting and challenging than local communication. In this way, hams are always using HF band, and it is the main purpose to balance the connecting level of hams.

Digital communication:

This way is generated radio and web, and make these two different data can be transmitted through professional software. Another benefit is hams can transmit and receive a variety of data like pictures and texts. It makes communication more interesting and fashionable.

Online communication:

Generating the radio, computer, and web to reach a remote communication based on the web. A famous and widely used system is IRLP, hams can use normal handheld radio to connect with global hams. In general, online communication like an online chat room.

Space communication:

Astronauts are professional radio users, and they always communicate with their friends, crew, families by two-way radio. Satellite as a repeater can help frequently transmit to receivers.

Emergency communication:

Prepper also called survivalist or SHTF(shit hit the fan). They think only prepper radio can be used when emergency conditions. Two famous amateur hams emergency community organizations, ARES, and NTS are professional rescue training and exercising.

Communication is a challenging and unbelievable thing for two-way radio lovers. Just like a surprise when you receive a gift from a stranger. Under the period of phone, the ham radios are more precious.

The functions of ham radio are here:




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