What is the FreeNet License-free Radio?-Retevis RT24V

FreeNet License-free Radio RT24V was released by Retevis. Except the PMR446, FreeNet is another license-free version in Germany.

What is FreeNet?

Freenet is a personal mobile radio network in Germany. It was originally introduced in 1996 as a product name of Motorola and uses part of the frequency spectrum of the former B-Netz carphone network.

  • Initially, there were only three channels, each with a 12.5 kHz spacing.

  • In January 2007, add up to 6 channels.

What is the FreeNet License-free Radio?

Like the Retevis RT24V, the FreeNet License-free radio should be:

  •  Handheld Radio.
  • With the maximum permitted ERP of 500 mW.
  • 6Channels for 2 meter band VHF.

Retevis RT24V, is the handheld license-free radio, it has 6 channels VHF band, with the power less than 0.5w, each channel with a 12.5khz spacing like below:

The channel table for RT24V:

2 149.0375mhz
3 149.0500mhz

Retevis RT24V’s feature:

  • License-free FreeNet band, so no need to program
  • Package comes with one pair.
  • Vox make your hands-free
  • Scan Function
  • Time  out timer(TOT)
  • Busy  channel lock

The size:

Retevis RT24v picture:



Also Retevis RT24 is the PMR446 license-free for EU countries. If you want to choose the PMR446, you can visit:


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