Which is the best ham radio for new Preppers?

As we all know, ham radios are necessary for new preppers. During the COVID-19 epidemic period, the best way to prevent or decrease the virus infection rate is to reduce contact between people.  Thus, ham radios would help keep in touch with the local news and the latest information about your group. Under the emergency, new information may be the biggest resource.

And, which is the best ham radio for new Preppers? This passage may give you some ideas about it.

Recommended ham radios for new Preppers

Retevis has a variety of Ham radios to meet your needs, and if you want to realize more models, please click this link: Retevis.

And the most I want to recommend is RT5.

RT5 is a radio type that so easy to operate, so it suits new Preppers. And it is incredibly cheap, only 39.99 dollars you can get an entry door ham radio.

What’s the features of Retevis RT5?

1. The light weight, portable, yet very powerful Radio.

2. The Dual band handheld radio, can operates on both UHF and VHF frequencies

3. It serves as an FM radio, and has a LED flashlight built in.

If you don’t sure which model you want to choose, this passage may do some help for you: How to choose radios for Preppers?

If you have any question about that, please leave messages or email us: Partner@retevis.com

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