Which models to choose for beginners?

Some customers are consulting about 2 way radios, who have never used them before, here I would like to introduce some tips for this kind of buyer.

Firstly, try License-free radio. Click this colum on Retevis.com, and you will directed to choose your country, for example, if you are from US, then all FRS license-free radios models are listed out. You could choose one model you like. Mostly, people choose RT22, which is mini, programmable, fixed antenna, and clear sound, ample to use at home or when family out in near surburb. Also new models, like RB15, RB19 are also welcome,which have fashinate design. Pls kindly note most FRS radios are only programmble on CTCSS codes (privacy codes), which are to avoid listening unwanted signals, not to avoid being heard on same frequency. But no worries, same model, could be used out of box.

Secondly, choose basic models on Retevis.com. These are all simple to use, no need to programme, and both adults and children could use as a beginner.

Thirdly, according to specific using scenarios, such as the range request, VOX function, roger function, NOAA, you could click relative colum on Retevis.com., or consult us on info@retevis.com. We will introduce for you accordingly.

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