Which walkie talkie do you select for boating show?

Do you like to watch the boat show? Do you like photography? Summer is the best season for travel, you can carry your camera everywhere. Sometimes the boat company and lovers will hold a boat show, so the staff needs walkie talkies to communicate with each other, guess which walkie talkie did they select? I think waterproof radio is a good choice. Why will they select it? Let’s discuss it together.

When hold this boat show, need to use walkie talkie in near water,other than walkie talkies’s basic requirements, there is also the biggest demand point, it is waterproof, if you use normal radios, if you splashed water accidentally, performance will suffer, so you need to use waterproof radio, at last, customer choose RT29, so why do they select RT29?

RT29 is waterproof radio,you can use waterproof on a boat.

Our RT29 has 4 versions, RT29 UHF, VHF, RT29 IP67 UHF, VHF. If you don’t need a waterproof radio, you need to select normal radios, if you use it in the near water, you can select IP67 radio, RT29 are built to withstand being fully submerged in up to 3 feet (1 meter) of water for as long as 30 minutes, if you  falling into the water inadvertently, please take the walkie-talkie out as soon as possible,remove the battery, dry the walkie-talkie in the sun is ok.

RT29 is of high power.

RT29 is 10w radio, if you hold a big competition or event, It’s not realistic to rely on people shout, if you use lower power battery, It may be difficult to meet your distance requirements, So you can choose a higher power radio, and it is much cheaper than other 10w radios.

RT29 has a high battery capacity.

When traveling or during the game, you can’t carry a charger with you, you can’t always find power, so it’s better to carry high battery capacity, can reach longer standby time. You just charge it last night, then you can use them all day, even longer.

By the way, if you use it on the boat, boats are very loud so it’s best to have an earpiece that fits inside the ear, we have Air Tube earpiece can fit in RT29, here is the link: https://www.retevis.com/air-acoustic-tube-earpiece-for-rt82

So have you a clear understanding of waterproof radio now? Do you carry an RT29 IP67 when traveling? Here is the link: https://www.retevis.com/rt29-ip67-long-range-handheld-transceiver-uhf

Carry your camera and RT29, go traveling!

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