RT8-Retevis IP67 Two way radio

The IP rating of a radio or oter device is made up of two numbers. 
The first number indicates the level of protection against ingress of solid objects including dust etc.
The second number (and the most important one when choosing a walkie-talkie!) is the level of protection from water or other liquids.
The higher each number is, the better the protection against solid objects or liquids getting into the radio and damaging it.

Retevis RT22/RT24/RT40 business license free walkie-talkie

Retevis RT22/RT24/RT40 business license free walkie-talkie   RT22/RT24/RT40: this three model is retevis’s the only business license free walkie-talkie.   1.The common point of RT22/RT24/RT40 Small and handiness, Easy to operation, license free walkie-talkie.   2.The difference of RT22/RT24/RT40 business license free walkie-talkie (1). Type of Radio RT22: Analog radio RT24: Analog Radio RT40: Analog & […]