How to understand and use the intercom VOX function?

Due to the special needs of some users, in their daily work, many times can not release the hands of the PTT button to talk, so there are vox on the walkie-talkie function, but how to understand and use it? Today retevis engineers talk to you about this topic:

VOX is the abbreviation of voice exchange, that is, the sound detection trigger, it was more vivid to become a voice trigger. In any case, the basic role is the same, that is, the use of product collection and comparison of external volume as the basis for opening / closing the sleep mode.VOX mainly used in security monitoring equipment or communications equipment, such as wireless monitors, network cameras, remote walkie-talkie , As well as other advanced voice-activated switchgear.

When the VOX function on the walkie-talkie is activated, do not press the PTT key, can be directly through the voice launch launch operation, can effectively release the user’s hands, so that the exchange of dialogue more convenient.

Actual scene

In short, with the VOX function retevis walkie-talkie, whether you use in any kind of environment, can be easily and comfortable to complete the work.

Maintenance workers

When using the tools in both hands, you can easily use the walkie-talkie.
No VOX function, work and call can only choose one, time-consuming and laborious.


Found the security problem, only need to move the mouth and the total station can be timely contact, greatly reducing the time to pull out the PTT button.
No VOX function, pulled out the PTT button, thieves ran early.


There are problems can also be timely feedback, end plate dishes more flexible and comfortable.
No VOX function, rush, easily lead to unnecessary danger.

Outdoor sports

Climbing the same time just move the mouth, you can contact with other partners, the liberation of both hands while ensuring personal safety.
No VOX function, one-hand climbing is dangerous!

Ride and drive

Hands do not have to leave the steering wheel or handlebar, you can keep in touch with the team, the maximum protection of driving safety.
No VOX function, one hand to drive or ride, we are not acrobats.


Under normal circumstances, the walkie-talkie need to achieve the call function, you need to press the PTT key, open the transmitter module. Due to some of the special needs of the walkie-talkie users (such as engineering maintenance staff, etc.), many times can not release his hands to operate the PTT key to call, so specifically for this part of the crowd customized function, the use of time only need to align MIC position, You can automatically open the transmitter module, the normal call.

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